November 24, 2015

About Us

About Us

Jan Johnston-Tyler, MA
Founder and CEO
Program Development; Career, Transitional, Executive Functioning Assessment & Counseling

JanFor her third career in as many decades, Jan Johnston-Tyler earned her MA in Counseling from Santa Clara University in 2007, and founded EvoLibri Consulting with the goal of bringing services to those who are ‘too high-functioning’ for regional centers, but who still have barriers that stand in the way of success.

Drawing on her previous experience in Silicon Valley tech management (technical communication, instructional design, and customer support) she has authored two books — The Mom’s Guide to Aspergers Syndrome and The CEO of Self: An Executive Functioning Workbook, and her work appears in peer-reviewed journals (most recently, in Career Planning and Adult Development Journal Volume 31, Number 4, Winter 2015-2016). Jan also has written the vast majority of EvoLibri’s proprietary curricula and assessment tools, and still insists on mucking about in Illustrator and InDesign from time to time.

With her extensive corporate experience, Jan brings energy, creativity, and vision to her work. As a counselor and coach, she brings practical and empathetic solutions to all of her clients. Finally, as the mother of a college graduate with Aspergers Syndrome and a middle schooler with ADHD, she knows first hand what interventions can do for neurodiverse populations, and how exceptional these people are. In her free time, Jan loves to travel, craft, cook, write, garden, learn, and spend down time with her partner and children and their Corgi, Dachshund, and tabby cat, the world’s most friendly feline, unless you are a mouse or a lizard. She also loves gaming — both board and electronic. You can contact Jan by clicking here.

About EvoLibri’s Staff 

One of the great joys of running EvoLibri is the amazing people we get to work with. We have been absolutely blessed in finding a truly top-notch group of people to help provide services to our clients, and we’re proud to sing their praises. We know you will be, too, once you get to know them!

Yvette Analla
Director of Employment ServicesyvetteanallaWhether working to help clients find a job, or families wade through the maze of red tape often necessary to obtain services, Yvette brings both a wealth of experience to the table as well as the tenacity needed to get results, whether it’s working with a private employer, Department of Rehab or Social Security — she gets the job done. A former Finance professional, Yvette brings a friendly, but no-nonsense approach to her work, staying in touch with clients as much as daily if need be, to help them be successful in their lives. In what little free time we give her, she spends with her family — including two newly-graduated twins!Contact Yvette by clicking here.
Angelique Bagley

Marriage & Family Therapist

Angelique is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has extensive experience working with all different types of clients and specializes in working with children, adolescents and young adults. Her experiences include working in school settings, private practice, agencies specializing in children and adolescents, and an outpatient hospital. She loves supervising the next generation of therapists. For many years, she has also helped to create the California licensing exams for marriage and family therapists. We are excited she is now on the EvoLibri team!

Utana Baxter
utana-yosemiteBehavioral InterventionistA native of Santa Clara, Utana explored various educational options to make the most of her academic experience as a child. She attended a progressive parent-participation elementary school; went to a traditional public middle school and high school; homeschooled for one year; and supplemented her secondary education with classes at a junior college. Utana took advantage of her dual French-American citizenship and spent a gap year living in France before attending Santa Clara University. She graduated with summa cum laude honors, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in French and Francophone studies. Utana has also lived in South Korea where she taught kindergarten at an English language school.Back again at Santa Clara University, Utana is now working on her Master’s in Counseling Psychology, with the goal of becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is also a 4th-Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, with experience training in and teaching a variety of martial arts styles. Her passion for helping others began when she was just a young child, teaching martial arts to other children. Get in touch with Utana by clicking here.
Allison Goldman

Program Manager & Interventionist

Allison is our newest hire, and will start in early April — we can’t wait to have her on board!

Cynthia Haartmanevobiopic

Case Manager, MFT

Coffee addict, comedy movie junkie, lousy recipe-follower, and named “jump rope queen” in first grade! – in case any of that becomes relevant.Cynthia’s passion for helping others began at a young age, and blossomed while earning her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology at John F. Kennedy University.  She has a background working 1:1 with clients, group settings, in residential care, and teaching Independent Living Skills.  She also maintains a private practice and is training her dog to hopefully one day be a psychotherapy dog, but he’s a stubborn little pug, so it’s taking some time.  All of these experiences helped deepen the passion and enrich the quality of work she provides in her therapy and case management care today at EvoLibri.

When not working, she can be found with her pug at the dog park, grilling MEAT outside with the hubs, in a sweaty Bikram yoga studio, or playing games with her family.  She loves games; her grandfather taught her to play poker as soon as she could count and hold a hand of cards on her own.  And if all else fails, she will be watching old reruns of comedy sitcoms, on the couch, with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s P.B. & Cookies Non-Dairy ice cream (that pesky dairy allergy!) We are happy to have her aboard!

Contact Cindy by clicking here.

Kim Jordan
Kim JordanMarriage and Family Therapist Intern, Therapy and Career Counseling IMF# 90911, Supervised by Angelique Bagley, LMFT #47331‘Kim J.’ comes to us from her last career as a program/sales manager in high-tech, which gives her incredible insight into both the working world, how people can bring out the best in each other, and just how to get stuff done! She has finished up her Counseling Psychology coursework at JFK, where she also interned at their Sunnyvale Counseling Center with school-aged kids. An AVID horsewoman, Kim has volunteered at BOK Ranch, and is looking forward to getting some of our kids out there and working with the animals. In the meantime, we’re thrilled to have her on board! You can contact Kim by clicking here.
Megan Knight, MFT
Intake Coordinator and Keeper of All KnowledgeMegan Knight is an MFT, currently working as our administrative assistant — meaning, if anyone knows what is going on, she will! As the mother of two kids on the Spectrum, Megan knows only too well the struggles that parents and clients face, and she brings her no-nonsense, pragmatic attitude to all she does. Megan is such an integral part of EvoLibri, we sometimes forget that she lives in Temecula! Contact Megan by clicking here.
Kimi Mack

Pre-graduate, Counseling Psychology, Social Skills and Group Lead

Kimi is also one of our new hires, who is just finishing up her Masters and joining us to lead PEERS Social groups. She will also be providing individual therapy, under supervision of Angelique Bagley as soon as she gets her intern number! We’re thrilled to have her!

 Rachel Roth

Director of Transition Services

Rachel joins us after years of work in Special Education in the Santa Clara region. Rachel has a passion for helping teens navigate the world between high school and the great world beyond, and leads our efforts working with this population.

 Carey Serrano
Occupational Therapist, CA #11938Carey is a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist who received her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from San Jose State University. She has a passion for helping people reach their fullest potential and recognizes the importance of treating each client holistically. Outside of work she enjoys photography, arts & crafts, singing, and playing guitar.Contact Carey by clicking here.

14463255_10154173376508089_4759068357025057945_nWorld’s #1 Therapy Pug

Please welcome Taz to the EvoLibri team! In the spring of 2015, Central Coast Pug Rescue found this handsome gent living on the streets of Fresno and was soon adopted by our very own Cynthia Haartman, MFT. His foster mom at Central Coast Pug Rescue named him Taz after the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character, and after a few minutes of hearing him “talk”, you’ll soon understand why! (He believes in letting us all know exactly what he’s thinking!)

Taz became a registered therapy animal in 2016 and passes on his good fortune by helping others. A true gentle soul, Taz loves to cuddle and be pet. Give him a gentle scratch, a treat, or play him some Christmas music, and you’ve got a friend for life!

Favorite Treats: Chicken, cheese, and anything peanut butter

Best Tricks: Wait, high-five (for treats, of course)

Favorite Places: Butcher Park dog park, the car, dinner at Brown Chicken/Brown Cow, mom’s bed

Loves to be pet: behind the ears, under the collar, chest rubs

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