March 22, 2020


If you want to join Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP, VMWare, Stanford, and other organizations we are working with by starting your own Neurodivergency program at your place of work, or if you have coaching needs in an existing program, please contact us at 408 735-7990 ex. 1, or

EvoLibri provides direct services to neurodiverse teens (14+ only) and adults and their families:

·     Neurodivergency Programs – we offer a range of services dependent on your needs, not our bank account. Whether you are a small ‘Mom and Pop’ shop or a Fortune 500 company, we can customize a program that walks you through the stages of corporate sponsorship, funding sources, internal training, candidate engagement, vetting, hiring, onboarding and maintaining your program over time. Our job is to make your job simple. 


·       Job Coaching – whether you have a formal Neurodivergency program or not, you likely have employees who are neurodiverse and who may need specialized job coaching to excel at their jobs. We provide coaching on time management, stress reduction, communication skills, and much, much more.


·    Peer Training – as much as we would all like to have inclusive workplaces, sometimes peers have challenges or bias against those with hidden differences. We can provide 1:1 or group training to eliminate misconceptions and stress in the workplace to normalize Neurodivergency.


·    Job Registry – if you are looking for a job, please sign up on our job registry, and we will match you with any jobs we hear about, at no cost to you! And if you are a company looking for talent, contact us!


·       Partners – we work with a variety of companies and organizations to bring Neurodivergency programming and coaching to their organizations:

EvoLibri is open and conducting coaching and therapy online. Contact us at (408) 735-7990
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