January 19, 2016


EvoLibri Resource Page

Welcome! This page contains links to intake forms, registration forms for our classes, links to our books, as well as select media (podcasts, MP3s, and DVDs) for your personal use. Enjoy!

Class Registration Forms

Forms and Documents

Articles and Reports by Jan Johnston-Tyler

Books Authored by Jan Johnston-Tyler

All books are available online, through expanded distribution, and in our office:

Presentations by Jan Johnston-Tyler

PodCasts/Interviews featuring Jan Johnston-Tyler

Transition Resources

Navigating the Waters to Post-Secondary Education: A Guide for Students with Disabilities & Parents about How to Prepare for Transition to Post-Secondary Education by Rachel Z. Roth

Meditation MP3s

The following audiocasts are free, and can be distributed freely, provided that they are not altered in any way. Please note that all of these exercises must NOT be used while driving or doing anything that requires concentration or attention.


Our founder has created four lecture-style, educational DVDs, two for families and two for professionals, are available from Amazon.com and in our office.

  • Transitioning Your Neurodiverse Youth from the Family Home — Moving out of the family home is daunting. This DVD helps prepare the youth and the family for a smooth, trouble-free transition.
  • Preparing Your Neurodiverse Student for College — What does your teenager need to know before going off to college? How will you help them create and keep schedules when you’re not there? This DVD goes over the essentials that all families need to discuss before shipping off to college.
  • Primer on ASDs for Mental Health Practitioners — Designed for professionals who work with ASD individuals, this informational lecture DVD provides practical tips into working with this population as well as insight into the challenges these unique people have dealing with a neurotypical world.
  • Career Counseling for Neurodiverse Individuals — For those providing career and college counseling for neurodiverse youth, this DVD explains how vital it is to help neurodiverse individuals find a meaningful and practical way to use their various talents — and how to do it.


EvoLibri is open and conducting coaching and therapy online. Contact us at (408) 735-7990
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