July 29, 2018



For information on partnerships, please contact us directly

 CA Department of Rehabilitation

If you are interested in registering for DOR services, click here

If you are a DOR employee looking for information on our services, click here


If you are interested in participating in Microsoft’s hiring programs, you can apply directly here. We can also provide additional support if you are a client with us. All neurodivergent opportunities are in programming at this time. 


SAP’s neurodivergency hiring is now through their ‘Early Talent’ program.  You can apply directly, but it is best to work with EvoLibri or Neurodiversity in the Workplace to ensure your resume receives attention. 


EvoLibri is partnering with this technical training vendor in the East Bay to provide pre- employment training for neurodiverse job seekers.

Wells Fargo

EvoLibri is partnering with Wells Fargo to provide jobs in programming and in finance. These jobs come up every few months. Please contact us for more information. 

Berkeley Bowl

EvoLibri has partnered with this boutique grocer in the East Bay to provide employment for autistic people.

EvoLibri is open and conducting coaching and therapy online. Contact us at (408) 735-7990
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