PEERS Social Skills – Young Adult

Date(s) - 05/10/2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



We’re doing it again! By popular demand, we will again be offering classes using the wonderful PEERS curricula from UCLA. This evidence-based program was specifically designed for teens (ages 13-16) and young adults (ages 17-22), and focuses on the typical interactions these students have with their peers. We love this curricula because it is ‘real’ – how to informally greet someone with a “S’up?”, how to tell jokes, how to enter and leave a conversation, and much more. Using face-to-face practice sessions, along with texting and group chat, it teaches ‘real’ conversational social skills as opposed to ‘text book social skills’ – how young people actually interact.

The course is 14 weeks long, and has a parent component to scaffold the work the young adults are doing. This year, we will be conducting the parenting component via webinar, to make it easier for busy parents to attend sessions, or view sessions at a later date if they miss.

All new clients must be screened for goodness of fit for our groups. Interested parents and young adults should contact to set up a free intake.

EvoLibri is open and conducting coaching and therapy online. Contact us at (408) 735-7990
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