March 20, 2020


To access services for an individual or family, please schedule a free 30-minute consultation by calling 408 735-7990 ex. 3 or by emailing

EvoLibri provides direct services to neurodivergent teens (14+) and adults and their families:

·    Therapy – our therapists use a variety of modalities including CBT, DBT/Mindfulness, and EMDR to work through issues around anxiety, depression, ‘stuckness’, and ambivalence about moving forward with life. We also provide family and parent counseling to help teach families how to coexist with — and celebrate — neurodiversity.

·    Coaching – our client-centered yet directive coaching takes many forms, ranging from meeting a client at a local college to register for classes to helping an engineer at a local tech company manage an increasingly complex workload. We teach our clients how to problem-solve while helping them move forward.

·    Career/Employment – our career coaching is designed to help clients identify where their interests and talents lie, and how to build a path to those goals over time. We also provide employment readiness training, employment search services, and job mentoring after hire. We are a Department of Rehabilitation vendor throughout the State of California and work closely with several companies with active neurodivergent hiring programs. We don’t provide jobs; we teach clients how to prepare for and perform a comprehensive job search – with lots of cheerleading!

·    Independent Living Skills – our paraprofessionals meet the client where they are – literally and figuratively – to teach skills such as using transit, setting up and keeping a budget, manage their time to get homework done, grocery shop and cooking. We teach so that others can do for themselves.

·    Social Groups – we host weekly social groups for older teens and young adults, using the time-honored formula of pizza and board games. We also run a monthly Parenting Beyond 18 no-host dinner for parents, and the Network for Autistic Professionals, an online forum to connect with other autistic employees in the area.

·    Classes and Group – besides our more informal get-togethers, EvoLibri regularly offers several classes: PEERS® Social Skills, Workplace Adaptability, CEO of Self Executive Functioning, LifeLaunch ILS Skills, and others. Add yourself to our newsletter to stay in touch.

EvoLibri is open and conducting coaching and therapy online. Contact us at (408) 735-7990
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