November 10, 2015

Career Counseling & Job Development


Finding a career, or just a job, is much different today than it was even 10 years ago. The market is constantly changing, new skills are needed on a regular basis, and what works today may not work tomorrow. We understand these issues, and can help clients navigate them successfully, for short and long-term results.

For Businesses — EvoLibri is a proud participant in a variety of local and national efforts to change the game in neurodiversity hiring. We have published and run our own Workplace Adaptability Program and provide consulting and development services to international corporations to build internal hiring programs. We also provide professional job coaching, therapy, and training to salaried employees at SAP, Microsoft, IPG Mediabrands, and Stanford University. We are also aligned with Specialisterne in New York, CTP in Oakland and Neurodiversity Pathways in San Jose, and are running a small neurodiversity hiring program at Berkeley Bowl in Emeryville.

If you are a business who wants to hire neurodiverse employees, or if you want to provide therapeutic or job coaching for your current neurodiverse employees, please contact our founder, Jan Johnston-Tyler, for information. EvoLibri is also a Department of Rehabilitation vendor in all California counties.

Career/Vocation & Transition Assessment and Counseling — EvoLibri believes that all teenagers and young adults need help developing and working a path beyond high school, regardless of whether they are college-bound or not. We have developed an assessment and planning protocol combining standard assessment tools (Strong Interest Inventory, Myers Briggs, SkillScan) along with our own proprietary assessment tools, in order to get a ‘360’ view of the client’s interests, abilities, personality – along with a realistic look at what fundamental skills might be missing and what barriers to success might exist. Once we have identified one or more career paths, we then build a road map of how the client can work toward those career goals. Items we include are:

  • Career-targeted volunteer, apprenticeship, internship, and gap year opportunities
  • Both local, state, and national professional organizations and casual interest groups to join
  • Job demand for the identified careers based on projections by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, along with our knowledge of industry trends in the Bay Area
  • Salary review of projected entry-level earnings based on Bay Area information, and where possible, potential career trajectories
  • Local (and upon request, targeted out-of-area) resources for post-secondary education or training for the desired careers
  • As needed, assistance in registration and enrollment in classes, as well as applying for disability status to obtain ADA accommodations

We are a California Non-Public Agency for California’s Department of Education and a member of the California Transition Alliance, and steadfastly work to both provide services to students and training to their school districts on what a good transition plan looks like.

Job Development — Both for private and Department of Rehabilitation clients, we also work with our
clients to help them reach their career goals, be they small or large. Starting with ‘where the client is’, we develop a plan — whether it’s starting with pre-employment skills building through volunteering or taking classes at local community colleges, or brushing up a resume to ensure that appropriate key words are included for search, we guide clients through the process of employment. Using our proprietary Workplace Adaptability Assessment, and corollary training modules, we can ascertain areas of strengths and weaknesses, and train pro-workplace skills. We work with a wide variety of clientele in terms of ability and age, and use our standard philosophy of collaboration to work with other service providers, both in EvoLibri, and in the community. Services regularly provided include:

  • Mapping out career goals
  • Resume writing and master application generation (as needed)
  • Mock interviewing
  • Job application guidance, including following up with employers
  • Job coaching, either on-site with client or transparently in off-hours
  • Following up with the client on how the job is going
  • If necessary, helping clients ask for ADA accommodations — with or without disclosure

For clients who will disclose their disability prior to employment:

  • Preselling clients for specific jobs
  • Securing job coaches and prepping them on specific needs
  • Ensuring ADA requirements are being met
  • Following up with both the client and the employer on how the client is doing in the placement

Looking for more? Check out our Resources page for intake and registration forms, podcasts, meditation exercises, and much more!

EvoLibri is open and conducting coaching and therapy online. Contact us at (408) 735-7990
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