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Upcoming Event Reg Forms -- Fall 2015!

  • EQ is back! Our class starts with the Anxiety segment, which includes pizza dinner and admission to...
  • Our newsest Neurodiversity Tribe offerings on alternate Wednesdays... EvoLibri Cinema Collective and Table-Top Gaming! 
  • Parent Lecture Series is our monthly series on topics of interest to parents with neurodiverse teens and young adults. And, our 2015 Series is also posted!
  • FLAG -- For Loving All, our new group for neurodiverse bi, gay, straight, trans and questioning young adults, ages 18-25 (younger with parental approval).

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Our Mission, our Passion......to provide comprehensive services which enrich the lives of neurodiverse individuals throughout their lifetime.

We are located in Santa Clara, California, in the center of Silicon Valley, and are dedicated to enriching the lives of our neurodiverse clientele. Once you become familiar with the services and safe communities we provide, we think you'll understand why the first thing we regularly hear from new clients is we're so thankful we found you!

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Getting Started with EvoLibri: We invite you to explore our site to find out about our services. Once you agree we might be the right fit, please click here to find out how to get started with us. 

News Flash! We are now a Non-Public Agency (NPA) in the State of California. This means that your child's school district can contract with us to provide services as part of his or her IEP. And don't forget -- for employment aged clients, we continue to be vendors of the California Department of Rehabilitation

Jan's new book is out! The CEO of Self: An Executive Functioning Workbook is a must-have for ALL high school and college students, and all young adults entering the workplace. Easy to read, inviting format, written with Jan's distinctive (and young adult-friendly) sense of humor, this book will help anyone improve their daily living skills. Read about it here, and order it on Amazon

Client Services

EvoLibri Consulting provides a wide variety of services, geared primarily to those individuals who are neurodiverse -- with Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, Learning Differences, and Mood Disorders -- whose challenges are often not severe enough to warrant state or federally-funded services, but which nevertheless cause the client great difficulty in life.

  • Coaching – We provide 1:1 counseling and coaching in a variety of areas, focusing on social integration and executive functioning domains such as time management, attention, organization, and emotional regulation. Our clients are typically students (Middle School through College) and professionals seeking performance enhancement.
  • Career Counseling and Job Development – starting with high schoolers, we provide full career/vocational assessment using traditional assessments and our own customized tools to develop a comprehensive transition plan to adulthood – including field of study choices, and vocational and transitional goals. We also provide job development for all skill levels and ages, from entry level to professional placement, with an emphasis on those with hidden disabilities.
  • Independent Living Skills – one of the unique aspects of our firm is that we provide private independent living skills, customized to the client needs. Our ILS services span all domains, from shopping and cooking, to creating and maintaining schedules, to handling financial responsibilities such as creating and staying on budget, paying bills, and saving for the future. Most of our ILS providers are studying occupational therapy or psychology.
  • Social Communities and Support – EvoLibri’s hallmark offering is an ongoing social community for all of our clients – from young teenager through adult. Our social groups are a way for all of our clients to find safe, accepting peers where they can be themselves – and have fun.
  • Therapy for Tweens, Teens, and Adults – Our Marriage and Family Therapists, Leah Even, MFT, and our Registered Intern, Cohen Duncan, provide therapeutic services for neurodiverse individuals. Using CBT techniques as well as other tools, both are excellent in teaching clients skills to deal with depression and anxiety and working with parents and families. Additionally, Cohen teaches social skills in group settings, and Leah provides instruction 1:1.
  • Behavioral Intervention – Our intervention teams, led either by Leah or Cohen, work with the client and the family and/or school to develop a behavior plan that will work, and then provide the professional and paraprofessional support needed to see the client through to success.
  • Case Management – Tying all our services together -- along with those of other professionals and paraprofessionals, is a daunting task. We work collaboratively with psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, private and public schools and families to best serve our clients.

Who Else Do We Serve?

Besides working with neurodiverse teens and young adults, we also provide services for families facing these challenges:

  • School Avoidance/Academic Failure
  • Sleep Phase Delay/Sleep Behavior Challenges
  • Social Coaching
  • Internet/Electronica Addiction
  • Failure to Launch
  • Post-Residential Aftercare
  • Transition to Adulthood (IEEs)

The Neurodiversity Tribe...a new social networking site!

We are pleased to present a private social networking site for neurodiverse individuals, which we are currently using for both online networking and live social groups:

  • Tweens -- ages 10-14, this group meets for pizza and gaming once a month.
  • Teens -- ages 14-20, this group meets three times a month for pizza, gaming (board, electronic, RPGs) three times a month.
  • Young Adults -- ages 20-30, this group meets once a month for billiards, bocce ball, movies, etc., once a month.
  • Adults -- ages 20+ this social support/skills group meets every other Wednesday.
  • Parents -- for parents of neurodiverse children, this group meets once a month for dinner.

For information on how to join our social groups and our social networking site on Ning, please send email to our intake coordinator, and we will guide you through the process.