What We Do

We view each client holistically, knowing that complex challenges frequently require a multidisciplinary, multi-faceted approach.

We look longitudinally at each client, trying to ascertain not only what will work now, but what the client may need in the future, and prepare for that.

We think ‘out of the box’, designing creative approaches to hard to solve challenges.

We act pragmatically — we reach far and wide to find the specific service or service provider that will best help each client — even if it means referring to another professional or agency.

Finally, each of us are passionate about the work we do, and have consciously chosen to make this our lives’ work — and to have FUN doing it! We truly enjoy serving our clients — and it shows!

How To Connect With Us

Phone: 408.735.7990 - FAX: 888.735.7991 - Email: intake@evolibri.com






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